Anyone interested in an NX?

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I am in North Raleigh. The car is between Raleigh and Durham. It runs,
although it has been sitting for quite a while so the gas in it is

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> For those of you who remember me, you may know that I've had my share of
> health problems. I have persevered and am doing pretty well now, but I have
> realized that my days of driving events and wrenching on cars are behind
> me. I have held on to an NX through it all, but now living in an apartment,
> I am having to pay $100 a month to store it, which no longer makes any
> financial sense. So, sadly, I have decided to part ways with my former
> obsession.
> The details:
> 1992 Burgundy NX2000  T-Top 130K
> 6 point custom built welded in cage (low door bars)
> Retains stock dash and front door panels, but most of the rest of the
> interior is gone.
> Tired Sparco drivers seat. Stock passenger seat.
> Most of the typical bolt ons and a upgraded clutch and pressure plate.
> GC and KYBs with GC camber plates.
> Car has been in NC its entire life and has zero rust.
> I'm asking $500 but will deal.
> I also have a complete extra set of stock NX wheels.
> I will get some pictures at some point, but have to get over to where its
> stored.
> If anyone knows of anyone who is interested please let me know.
> Ben
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