Anyone interested in an NX?

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Man, super tempting Ben.  This is like Donuts to Homer Simpson....  Mmmmm, track NX....  Though the drive from Kennewick WA and back (5400 mils round trip) would cost me around $1300 in fuel for the Excursion (diesel) if I conservatively figure 16mpg pulling the open deck trailer round trip.  We could team drive the distance in 4 days easy @ 60mph and get better fuel mileage.   Less time if we hammered it but paid the price at the pump.  Hopefully someone a little closer gives your car a good home.  JGY is close.  Maybe they can help find a good home.




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I am in North Raleigh. The car is between Raleigh and Durham. It runs, although it has been sitting for quite a while so the gas in it is questionable.

On Thu, Aug 22, 2013 at 9:31 AM, Benjamin Rockwell <benjamin_rockwell at> wrote:

For those of you who remember me, you may know that I've had my share of health problems. I have persevered and am doing pretty well now, but I have realized that my days of driving events and wrenching on cars are behind me. I have held on to an NX through it all, but now living in an apartment, I am having to pay $100 a month to store it, which no longer makes any financial sense. So, sadly, I have decided to part ways with my former obsession.  

The details:

1992 Burgundy NX2000  T-Top 130K
6 point custom built welded in cage (low door bars)
Retains stock dash and front door panels, but most of the rest of the interior is gone. 
Tired Sparco drivers seat. Stock passenger seat.
Most of the typical bolt ons and a upgraded clutch and pressure plate.
GC and KYBs with GC camber plates.
Car has been in NC its entire life and has zero rust.

I'm asking $500 but will deal.

I also have a complete extra set of stock NX wheels.

I will get some pictures at some point, but have to get over to where its stored.

If anyone knows of anyone who is interested please let me know.


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