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What model rotor exactly Eric?  and then what model pads are you using in combination with those rotors?  Because just as we now, Centric makes quite a few different grades of rotors and pads for each car, so the exact model/part number will be crucial.  :-)  Thanks in advance Eric!
As an example:
I was having a hell of a time with my wife's 2005 3.5SL Altima.  When the car needed it's first brake job, I went cheap and used the cheapest Centric rotors and a mid level ceramic pads.  Ended up with a horrible pulsing pedal in about 1000 miles.  My dial indicator showed I had a waped the front rotors.  I ordered the same rotors but this time with semi- metallic pads for all four corners.  No warp to start with but same result though in about 2000 miles, (I used the manufacturers recomended pad bedding method both times). Both times I cleaned and wire brushed all surfaces of calipers, mounts, springs, used caliper grease to lube where required.  Everything seemed to slide and operate correctly, though something may have been hanging up and dragging, but I didnt' detect it. No avail....  still warping rotors.
What ended up working well for this car was Brembo OEM rotors through Rock Auto.  Hawk street perf pads (can't remember where I ordered these from).  I used same cleaning and lube technique as before.  No pedal pulse.  We have over 30k miles on this setup (over 180k on chassis).  Wife drives the car daily.  Drags the brakes at times when she is being lazy....  :-(  I drive it about once a week and am pretty hard on it.  Works like a charm though.
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