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Mon Mar 11 17:07:47 CDT 2013

On 3/11/2013 10:38 AM, Jim Wright wrote:
> Hey all.  I'm about to replace the front rotors on my '06 Sentra SE-R Spec V, the fronts are warped and one has a hairline crack, original owner drove the cheap out of it.
> Looking for brands to avoid, what brands are decent.  Probably staying with plain rotors, not slotted or drilled.  PEP boys has a Platinum model that looks decent, but checking for other opinions on brands.

I'd also suggest Tire Rack -- they don't sell any junk. (well, they have 
caved and offer some cheap junk tires.) Amazon also has dang near 
ANYTHING you want to buy at killer prices.

Brembo makes fantastic rotors and T.R. offers them for almost any car. 
In contrast to cheap rotors from your FLAPS, with a lathe turned 
surface, run out, and anti-corrision goop that you have to clean off the 
Brembos are a beautiful non-directional blanchard-ground finish, are 
flat, and have no goop.

Haven't tried the Centric brand mentioned, but saw they have ones with a 
non-corrosion finish on the "hat" and edges which seems cool. Hate that 
rust they get otherwise. And Akebono (sp?) is the OEM for all the "AD-" 
model brakes you find on Nissans and many other manufacturers.

I've ordered parts from RockAuto a few times and never had any trouble 
with them; sorry to hear you experienced otherwise, KL. They have a wide 
selection and offer body parts and other stuff you don't usually find at 
retail parts places.

Last brake job I did was Mom's BMW 530 last Labor Day weekend. Found 
what looked like a great deal on Brembo rotors from Amazon and received 
them no prob. Go to work on it, and I'd gotten the REAR ones! DOH! Not 
used to seeing big-ass vented rear rotors. Note to self - read the fine 
print on the web site more thoroughly. Amazon's descriptions aren't real 
clear on front vs rear, but if they have accurate pics it's pretty 
obvious on FWD parts. SO it's Friday night holiday weekend, and I'm dead 
in the water until dealer opens Tuesday, or I wait on parts to be 
shipped. I grudgingly bought "WearEver" rotors from an Advance Auto that 
was the only retail source within 50+ miles. And... the fokkers are now 
warped! And Mom does NOT drive the car hard. They're just junk apparently.

Would be curious to know more about the Spec v, Jim. Was looking at a 
couple used ones. Need new wheels ASAP, and unfortunately am shopping in 
the "real cheap" range. Thought I'd have something nicer than a shiny 
new SE-R like I did @ 25 in 1991 but my financial shit hit the fan.


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