Rotors, good/bad brands

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I'd take Tire Rack over Rock Auto any day.  Rock Auto fucked up my rotors order 6 different times promising me each time that they had it right yet they never did get it right while refusing to expedite the order even though it was their fuckup.  They made me miss 2 or 3 track days because what I had on the car was no good and they kept sending the wrong rotors at one point sending two completely different rotors as part of a "set" neither one of which were correct anyway.  I should've gone to Tire Rack from the start

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I had put Centric rotors on my RSX as well.  Tire Rack has a good assortment of rotors as well.  I had purchased Centric rotors and Akibono Pro ACT pads.  The funny thing is the Akibono pads (A Japanese company) are made in the US, the Centric rotors (A US company) were made in China.  But the Centric rotors seemed to be a good quality, and they have different levels of quality within their line.
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I'm using the Centric rotors on both my Evo and Forester, and they are made by the same company that makes StopTech parts.  I picked them up from RockAuto at a good price.  The veins and the hat are coated so you don't get surface rust on them.

Eric Waterman

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Hey all.  I'm about to replace the front rotors on my '06 Sentra SE-R Spec V, the fronts are warped and one has a hairline crack, original owner drove the cheap out of it.

Looking for brands to avoid, what brands are decent.  Probably staying with plain rotors, not slotted or drilled.  PEP boys has a Platinum model that looks decent, but checking for other opinions on brands.

The car is mainly for the street, with rare track time.
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