Track fun

Raymond A. Kawski rkawski at
Fri Jun 5 13:27:02 CDT 2009

Kieran you wrote:

> How were you getting good video riding up my ass and the video camera out the front? :P

I didn't know which way it was then.  lol.

> Doesn't matter to me, once I go in the infield I'm on autopilot and the rearview
> mirror goes on "ignore" ;)

I turn my students reviews if they look back to much.  lol.

> So what time do you want to try to do the clutch on Sunday?  You have
> everything you need this time, right?  I remember last time the tranny
> was good but the clutch was screwed up.

Yup prototype number 3 for me to try and break.   The first one the splines stripped out.
The 2nd one the rivets started tearing the hub.    This one looks pretty bad ass.

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