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Jason Barnhart vr4 at
Wed Aug 4 17:29:46 CDT 2004

I don't know if I completely understand the desire to 'stick it' to my
employer or the company I love so much, but hey...  How exactly do you
"break" the turbos anyway.  Are they that weak or are the people examining
the turbos idiots?  Ok, so non-factory turbos make 380hp on a 2.8 liter 6
cyl when the FACTORY turbo on the 2.0 liter 4 cyl Mitsu has dyno'd at 380 to
the wheels?  It seems like most of the discussion here is straight line so
the only thing I'll say about the S4 is it'll get smoked in the twisties and
leave it at that.  Rather than chips, we Mitsu owners (along with most of
the turbo world) prefer to use boost controllers and let the wastegates do
their job...  I'd rather not have the ECU deciding how much boost I *should*
be running.  A bleeder valve can be bought for $5 or a manual for $60 rather
than paying hundreds for a chip or even ECU and having to do the same thing
next time we want to alter the boost levels.  500whp on a 2.8 would be about
357 on a 2.0, which is a walk in the park for the EVOs 4g63, easily done
with a factory turbo even.  I love Audi's and virtually all other German
cars.  I think that most would agree that an Audi is neither a 'bang for the
buck' or 'top shelf' car either though.  Hell, wasn't it Audi that started
the AWD craze in both Rally and IMSA?  The EVO reigned supreme, in it's day,
until a couple years ago when the smaller cars took over.  The Dahlback is
incredible...  It's also about a million dollars and I can assure you that
the 1057 whp Supra only cost a fraction of that.  If I understand correctly,
it was a factory original bottom end...  Even Grand Nationals are using race
blocks over 700hp.  Is there even an 8 second Audi on the planet?  There are
quite a few 4g63 cars, Supras and Skylines running 8s.  Of course, with a
million dollars you can start with any car and do what Dahlback did, with
even a $200,000 it really doesn't matter what car/motor you start with, it's
gonna be nasty.  Speaking of 4g61s, for a 5k investment a friend's 89 Dodge
Colt is making 270 (1.6 liter) or so whp with simple 4g63 bolt ons and a
Star/Quest intercooler.  At 2400lbs it WALKS C5s and this is all on a 14b
(stock 1st gen DSM turbo).  It gets over 30 mpg and has room for 3-4 of your
friends AND groceries :-)  You REALLY think your plain looking S4 is going
to smoke ANY EVO or STI???  Did you miss the part about 13.1 stock and 11.6
on the factory turbo and intercooler???  I fear NO stock C5 or WS6 in my
STOCK EVO, or virtually ANY RWD car from a launch on the street.  Hell,
having lunged on an SS Camaro from a roll in my VR4 I don't really fear
either from a roll either.  Would the EVO pull them?  Wouldn't be ugly
either way.  The EVO has gone 103 to 105 stock and the best my VR4 EVER did
was 109.40.  Have you ever even had that S4 on the track?  Street racing is
one thing, particularly versus idiots, show me some numbers.  Your Audi has
torque off the line?  Um, the EVO is 273 ft lbs, once again STOCK, and
unless you're idling off the light it doesn't particularly matter where that
peak is on launch...  I've hit 27psi in the VR4 in a matter of feet, as I
all but blew the tires off in 1st gear with the tail stepping out on me on
my way to a 1.72 60'.

You seem to like rally a lot, how's that S4 do anyway?  :-)

94 3000GT VR4 (for sale) - 12.67 at 105.93 and 12.82 at 109.40
94 Infiniti G20 (thrown rod)

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