Classic Rehab thoughts

Michael Jez 93SER at
Wed Aug 4 14:53:33 CDT 2004

Let me put it this way why I like Audis so much :) I'm a Audi Master Tech,
and when you buy an Audi it comes with a warranty. I break the turbos on
purpose and then the Extended warranty kicks in, they want you to repleace
just about everything in the turbo system when the turbo fails. So you do
not order the stock US turbos, but you order up the RS4 turbos from a Euro
Spec Audi- which are avalible throught the dealer. You slap on ALL the RS4
hardware on your US spec S4, and end up with 380HP with no lag and awesome
torque. Then you add on a exhaust, chip and you WILL make 500WHP at the
wheels with stock internals. On top of that you only pay 50 bux for your
deductible, AND if its MY car I get paid to put all these parts on the car.
So my high 11 second car not only is pretty much close to the factory
specs - like it came out of Ingolstad Germany, but only has a exhaust, K&N
panel filter (cones suck on Audis), downpipes, APR chip and you have 500WHP
with around 600 of TQ from a car that will still look stock on the outside.
I know people do not like Audis, but they where killer cars in the 80s and
pretty much nothing beat the Coupe Quattro in WRC. Steve Bloomquist drove
the Turbo Quattros to many manufacturer championship titles. The 2.22L 20V 5
cylinder Turbo engine is capable of 650WHP on stock internals and I seen
900WHP Dahlback versions in german tunner magazines. If I had to choose
between EVO, STI... I would just buy a older 1991 Audi Coupe Quattro and
make it a S2 and blow the doors off them. I'm not a big Mitsu fan, I'm a die
hard Nissan fan, but I rebuild quite a few Audi, 4G63s, 4G61s and 7MGTEs. I
really like the bullet proof bottom ends that Audi has put into their 70s
design engines that still power some of the fastest german sedans on earth.
I know you can buy a Supra and make 1000WHP with one, but how much $$$ will
it cost me ? I can't drive it year long eighter. The insurance will be
killer on a Supra, and I can't just park the car outside without attracting
too much attention from thiefs or the cops. Where S4 is so understaded no
one would really think that this little 4 door sedan is packing so much heat
to blow away any EVO or Scooby from the light- its called torque off the
line. When I owned my 00 S4 I blew away many C5 vettes, WS6s from the light,
granted it wasnt stock but no one would suspect a 4 door plane jane Audi to
blow their doors off.
Mike Jez

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