Classic Rehab thoughts

David Pertuz davidpertuz at
Tue Aug 3 13:31:43 CDT 2004

Spending three or four grand on rehabbing an old SE-R is not something that
makes financial sense in the conventional used-car sense, since in the end
the car probably won't be worth the money you spent rehabbing it. But if
you are very attahced to the particular car, as I am and as many of us are,
you are rehabbing it because you want to keep driving it and resale isn't
really an issue. I guess I've gotta agree with Scott, and I also agree with
him about new cars. Whenever I am driving something new or newish I think
"dang, it's nice to drive something new" - quietness, refinement, etc. But
then there's a budget solution for Classic drivers, and that is buying a
used G20 :)


>liner, dash and a good cleaning) and exterior.  The conclusion I've come to is
>that while it makes good economic sense to hold onto the car and that it is a
>fun project (despite the heat) to work on, there is something to be said for
>new cars.  Especially a Mini Cooper S or a 3-series or maybe even a Golf R32

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