Classic Rehab thoughts

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Wed Aug 4 10:07:42 CDT 2004

Interesting choices.  I'm not going to make any claim about Mitsubishi's
being renowned for reliability, but you'd choose a 250hp twin turbo 6 over a
270 single turbo 4?  The factory bottom end (forged rods, pistons and crank)
has made near 600hp.  Extreme Motorsports has made well over 800 whp on the
4G63, which is still going after 14 years.  I can only imagine what kind of
power John Shepherd ( is making in his street
driven Talon that's run 8.76 at 165.

13.1 at 105 (105 should be capable of 12s 1/4s), .95g or better on the
skidpad, 73 (OMFG) mph through the slalom and potential for 380 whp on the
factory turbo...  Not to mention being considerably lighter, the numbers
speak for themselves.  You can't touch these numbers for twice the price at
minimum for any other production car on the planet.  The MR should be
available soon - bigger factory turbo, active yaw, front limited slip, 70
lbs lighter and 34k.

Not big on the styling?  That's certainly your opinion...  Maybe it was just
designed to look good from behind, the view most people will see anyway.
I'm also very happy with the new 7yr/100,000 mile powertrain warranty.  For
24k used I'd search for a Supra turbo that'll make 450 or so on factory
turbos and be indestructable while doing so.  1057 to the wheels, through an
auto?  I don't know of another import that has impressed the Grand National

94 3000GT VR4 (for sale)
94 G20 (thrown rod)

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> with all the options he added- accessories Plus tax etc. If I was going to
> get a AWD turbo car.... nothing beats the sheer speed of a 01 Audi S4 with
> its 2.7L BiTurbo V6, 6spd tranny and legendary Quattro AWD. I have 3
> with EVOs and 2 of them are for sale, seems like not many people wanna
> the car for a long time due to its flaky reliablity. Plus Audi gots the
> style no WRX or EVO will ever have. For 24K bux you can pick up a nice
> Certified S4 that will come with a long Audi Warranty- what I'm really
> thinking of getting now.

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