Identifying SR20 variants?

Mark Holden mark at
Mon Oct 20 23:08:10 CDT 2008

Aha!  Thank you.  For some reason I was not thinking about the right
search terms.

Mine is a 53J 1R, listed as "Unknown" and most think it's a JDM engine but some
think it's a USDM engine.  Yay for confusion!

Apparently the only sure way to tell is to pull the head and see if
the pistons are
dished or flat.

My '91 SE-R is a 53J 6L  Which isn't listed at all, but I know it's
original.  It certainly
had more oomph than my 93 did, which makes sense with earlier vs. later cams.

The engine in the G20 certainly has a lot more low-end torque than the SE-R, but
then the SE-R at this point has a header (with 2" collector) and a
very open 2.5"
exhaust.  The G has a header (with 2.5" collector) and an OEM-style
Bosal exhaust.
So some of that may be exhaust gas velocities and it's hard to do
direct comparisons.

I have to say I'm loving the G.  The interior was ratty, but I got a
full set of seats from
a junker that were in beautiful shape for $44 for both fronts and
rear.  E-bay header
and Bosal exhaust to replace all the pieces falling off the car and
it's decently quiet.
Got a set of manual seat belts to convert over to when I get the time.

Suspension has a million clunks and the engine mounts are *shot* like
I've never seen,
but that's all little stuff to track down as time goes on.

Two weeks and the SE-R runs for the last time this season, and heads into the
garage to complete the cage, but I'll get to keep driving the G, and
that makes me

-Mark Holden

On Mon, Oct 20, 2008 at 7:28 PM, David Pertuz
<davidpertuz at> wrote:
> I distinctly remember reading a quite comrehensive listing of every SR20 variant by block and head code,
> but for the life of me I can't remember where i saw it, since it's prolly been a couple of years since I did
> see it. I'm pretty sure it was on the (first, non-dash) forum somewhere.

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