Identifying SR20 variants?

David Pertuz davidpertuz at
Mon Oct 20 19:28:48 CDT 2008

I distinctly remember reading a quite comrehensive listing of every SR20 
variant by block and head code, but for the life of me I can't remember 
where i saw it, since it's prolly been a couple of years since I did see 
it. I'm pretty sure it was on the (first, non-dash) forum somewhere.

No EGR on the exhaust mani usually indicates a Euro-spec motor, but I 
think those all had the header-type manifold. I've heard of a non-EGR 
cast mani but not seen one. I have a high-compression lowport in my G20 
and it does pull stronger than the engine in my SE-R.


Mark Holden wrote:
> Can anyone point me to a good reference for identifying the variants 
> of the SR20DE?
> I recently picked up a 92 G20 to be my daily (well, I picked it up as 
> a parts car for my B13 race car, but the guy who was selling it didn't 
> have a clue and though the engine was terminal.  The alternator 
> bearing was going out), and it had the engine replaced at some point 
> in it's history (230K, think the swap was at around 100K, multiple 
> owners back).  Anyhow, it's still got the Infiniti valve cover, but 
> the exhaust secondary doesn't have a bung for the EGR, nor is there 
> any of the stuff you usually see bolted to the front of the head above 
> the exhaust manifold (like the catch can, etc).  The AIV & BPT seem to 
> be the same as the other highports I've worked on.
> Anyhow, the thing that's really making me wonder, besides the EGR not 
> being present, is that this thing pulls waaay harder than any of the 
> SR20DEs I've had before, and in a heavier car to boot.  So I'm 
> starting to wonder if I have a JDM or EDM engine with higher 
> compression (and if I should be running higher octane gas!).   Any 
> good identifying marks on the engine that would tell me what I've got?
> I suppose a compression test should give me some idea, but I'd rather 
> get a hard ID of the head/block that are in there.
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