Canadian GA fun

Frank Ewald frank_ewald at
Mon Oct 20 17:36:36 CDT 2008

You've had quite a season - glad to hear that it's still going on.  
You've given a great write up.
I would love to go for a ride (I'll save the drive for later) in a  
GTR. At Mosport I had a great ride along with an amazing driver in an  
AC Cobra replica. 155 mph down Andretti straight without even  
stretching (all my little GA can to to hit 100 MPH) in an open car. A  
wonderful rush!

Meanwhile, I'm working on getting my trusty NX1600 ready for next  
year. I bought it December 31, 1992 so it's now coming up to 16 years  
old. Both of my daughters now do some track lapping events in it, so  
it's one of the best investments I've made. To keep all of us safe  
it's getting a 4 point roll bar and harnesses. Mechanically all is  
well - I've just added a phantom grip LSD for a bit more bite. Had to  
rebuild the transmission (I just don't like grinding sounds) so the  
timing was right!

Calum is still working his ECU magic and I'm hoping to get just a bit  
more out of it; and I'm not ready to swap engines yet.

Take care and if any of you decide to come up to some Canadian  
tracks, let me know.

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