do you miss your car

wmc2004aug at wmc2004aug at
Tue Oct 24 22:39:47 CDT 2006

At 10:42 PM 10/24/2006, David Pertuz wrote:
>I finally drove the SE-R home from work today, and drove the G20 out 
>tonight after I got home. Taking the SE-R home, I smiled at all the 
>things I always loved about it -

Score a [new] RSX-S while you still might be able to.  While I'm not 
crazy about the brand behind it, it's the closest thing to a new SE-R 
you can get.  And the stock suspension does ALL the stuff  I wanted 
my B13s to do with mods, without any of the annoying crap.

    -Wayne  '06 RSX-S / 93 SE-R / '93 NK2k / '90 Miata 

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