do you miss your car

David Pertuz davidpertuz at
Tue Oct 24 21:42:51 CDT 2006

...when you come back to it after you've been away from it for a long while?

My G20 has been sitting in the garage for two months, and I've only driven 
my SE-R twice since Labor Day weekend. I finally drove the SE-R home from 
work today, and drove the G20 out tonight after I got home. Taking the SE-R 
home, I smiled at all the things I always loved about it - the engine, the 
shifter, the steering. At the same time, it's got enough BSRs for a whole 
parking lot full of cars, the rear suspension sounds like I'm carrying a 
bunch of 2x4s in the trunk, it's got a big right pull, I haven't done any 
of the pre-winter maintenance yet, etc. etc. Driving new cars all the time 
(work) has spoiled me when it comes to refinement. My G20 was just about 
perfect, though (except for the it's-not-a-new-car thing) - comfy, small, 
no huge a-pillars, great steering, great turn-in, grreat shifter and 
clutch, great cornering balance, and on and on.

I miss driving them, but at the same time all the odl-car stuff is aggravating.

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