do you miss your car

mike kojima choaderboy2 at
Wed Oct 25 00:48:39 CDT 2006

Thats what I like about my EVO.  It hardly has any
luxo crap, its a spare simple car with few doodads, it
handles like a well sorted in the suspension SE-R
stock, to goes like a mild stock DET stock without
breaking or traction problems.

It has the same upright, everything falls to place
driving postion as a classic.

The EVO is what the SE-R GTI-R could have evolved into
if Nissan wasent so retarded about the small car

But.... There is hope.

Now that I can't get fired for leaking it and Assan
can KMA, there is a slick little Altima coupe heading
your way.  Looks like a Mini G35C (yes that good),
smaller than an Alty and a slick VQ35 in it.

Dunno about the price but it is coming for sure and it
is a looker.  Its sorta like a grown up classic or a
Civic Si killer.

--- wmc2004aug at wrote:

> Score a [new] RSX-S while you still might be able
> to.  While I'm not 
> crazy about the brand behind it, it's the closest
> thing to a new SE-R 
> you can get.  And the stock suspension does ALL the
> stuff  I wanted 
> my B13s to do with mods, without any of the annoying
> crap.
>     -Wayne  '06 RSX-S / 93 SE-R / '93 NK2k / '90
> Miata 
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