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Brian Cembor bcembor@fastenal.com
Tue, 7 Jan 2003 14:50:09 -0600

If I remember right all engines, unless they are INTERNALLY balanced, need a
harmonic balancer, for the reasons stated below. The only engines that are
inherently balanced are the Boxer engines; Porsche, Subaru and VW. That is
one of the significant advantages of a horizontally opposed engine, not to
mention torque.

Ask torry about not having balance shafts in his QR and what Nissan Motors


"Michael Jez" <93SER@attbi.com> blundered:

>Bzzzzt WRONG. SR20 is internally balanced piece of beauty, U can remove the

BZZZT!  WRONG!  The purpose of the 'balancer' is to damp the rotational
crank transients produced while the engine is rotating.  Without the damper
you run the risk of exciting any number of self-resonant torsional modes on
the crank.  Left unlimited these will overstress and contribute to crank
failure by basically permitting it to be twisted apart.  The damper helps to
limit the extent of these transients.  A damper is needed on any engine,
even one with a perfect static balance.