(no subject) PULLEYS

Jay Whitely jwhitely2000@yahoo.com
Wed, 8 Jan 2003 08:43:40 -0600

> --- So now do I get to keep talking jibberish for U
> ?? Ive been on this list
> for about 6 years now... I will speak however I
> like, some people understand
> me.


I noticed in your sig that your GTi-R motor has UD
pulleys on it. What brand are they? I want pulleys for
my GTi-R motor as well, but the SR20DE UD pulley does
not fit around the larger GTI-R oil pump.  How did you
get the pulleys to work?


Jay Whitely
Tampa, FL
1996 200SX SE-R
GTi-R powered, F-MAX Stage 2