A strange fuel/spark issue

David Pertuz d.pertuz at gmail.com
Sun Aug 27 14:04:36 EDT 2017

The other weekend I was driving the SE-R with a friend who wanted to get
some practice with a clutch before driving a rental car on vacation in
France (I'm one of his few friends who owns a car, and the SE-R is
easy-peasy to drive and similar to what his rental car would feel like.)
Car was fine, we went out to dinner, and then when I started it to drive
home from dinner it was, mysteriously, running on three cylinders again.

When I revived it from its long slumber I did not flush the old gas out (no
time, perversely) and a couple of injectors got clogged - I swapped them
out with spares. But it's been running fine for a couple of thousand miles
now. This afternoon I started it up in its parking spot to isolate the
affected cylinder. What struck me the most was the strong fuel smell from
under the hood. Sniffing around, I eventually noticed a significant amount
of raw (wet) fuel leaking out of the header primary-secondary gasket, some
of which would collect on the front of the block. This is strange.

Cylinder #4 is the affected one (verified by pulling the injector plug - no
change in running condition) but the fuel coming out the exhaust, and its
quantity, is strange. I ran out of time and will have to go back later this
afternoon, but either there is no spark or the injector is possibly stuck
open and just dumping tons of fuel in. Or both? But I have no idea why. Odd
since the car ran perfectly for a million years, but this is what long
sitting can do.

On another front, attached is a photo of my latest acquisition, to replace
my 2004 Accord.

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