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Ben Fenner fenfam at
Sun Sep 15 09:40:52 EDT 2013

Larry, I'd be willing to scrub the site. I had no idea that was the 
issue with it. I too thought it was hosting costs.
Give me the opportunity and I'll have everything scrubbed, meticulously 
by hand, in a manner of hours.

I too would like to see the site back up. It is actually the only place 
currently that has a lot of information pertaining to stock specs, like 
wheel sizes and tire sizes and such.

Before, when I thought it was a hosting issue, I'd always thought it 
would be great to reproduce at least some of the pure spec pages on the 
But I understand if that isn't the right answer.

-Ben Fenner

On 9/11/2013 6:48 PM, Lawrence Weeks wrote:
> Guys, I don't have the time right now to deal with this in too much
> depth. However, let me be clear. Hosting the data is not an issue. I
> have just one issue: hosting it with personal contact data that is
> causing people grief when I brought the site back up. I asked if
> people could help scrubbing it.
> The second question was whether somebody has a good use for
> to make it relevant. That doesn't mean shipping all the data off
> somewhere else, nor was it an offer to have just feed into
> some other existing site. If the data is to go up, my preference is to
> leave it as it is, just scrubbed some. It was a volunteer community
> site, people contributed to it as members of the community, and
> without explicit permission from those contributors, I am not going to
> consent to it being hosted on some other site. I am more than happy to
> leave it up as a historical artifact for this community, which
> apparently would be of use to people still.
> I doubt anybody has the interest or time to do another more modern
> community site (versus a linkage to some commercial site), perhaps a
> semi-open wiki, and haven't heard otherwise. There are forums and
> commercial sites that cater to what people need now, and that's fine
> by me.
> At this point, the horse has been beaten raw. I have some people who
> have written and volunteered to help, and when I have some time I'll
> be in touch.
> Larry
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