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Christopher Scarpulla cscarpulla at
Wed Sep 11 21:06:48 EDT 2013

I say put it back up in read only mode, and if anyone has an issue with
their name/email address, let them contact you, and request it to be
scrubbed. Theoretically, their contact info would have been there all along
just like any other website, had it not gone dark for a while.

I just don't see it as your responsibility to scrub everyone's names/email


On Wed, Sep 11, 2013 at 5:48 PM, Lawrence Weeks <lweeks at> wrote:

> Guys, I don't have the time right now to deal with this in too much
> depth. However, let me be clear. Hosting the data is not an issue. I
> have just one issue: hosting it with personal contact data that is
> causing people grief when I brought the site back up. I asked if
> people could help scrubbing it.
> The second question was whether somebody has a good use for
> to make it relevant. That doesn't mean shipping all the data off
> somewhere else, nor was it an offer to have just feed into
> some other existing site. If the data is to go up, my preference is to
> leave it as it is, just scrubbed some. It was a volunteer community
> site, people contributed to it as members of the community, and
> without explicit permission from those contributors, I am not going to
> consent to it being hosted on some other site. I am more than happy to
> leave it up as a historical artifact for this community, which
> apparently would be of use to people still.
> I doubt anybody has the interest or time to do another more modern
> community site (versus a linkage to some commercial site), perhaps a
> semi-open wiki, and haven't heard otherwise. There are forums and
> commercial sites that cater to what people need now, and that's fine
> by me.
> At this point, the horse has been beaten raw. I have some people who
> have written and volunteered to help, and when I have some time I'll
> be in touch.
> Larry
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