B+G B13 Coilover Installation instructions

Aaron Prothero aprothero at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 28 17:12:04 CDT 2012

B & G : 858-547-9555  - Extension 2 is tech support.  They should be
 able to come up with at least a pdf of the instructions somewhere...I 
hope..  They must be EST, because they were closed when I tried to call 

Also, I coulda swore Sport Compact Car installed these same
 coilovers on their black b13 sentra back in the day, so as far as the 
tire/wheel combo, maybe looking up that article might shed some light.

Aaron Prothero
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Subject: B+G B13 Coilover Installation instructions
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2012 13:51:53 -0700

Does anyone have a set of B+G coilover instructions they could scan?  I think I have it figured out without them but having them to check would give me a peace of mind.  I am installing Aaron Prothero's on his former B13, but appears the tire/wheel combo is too wide anyway so will have to play with it when I have more time.  If you have any insight you care to share on these units, I am all ears.

They are  B+G GF-62-006.  They don't appear to be damping adjustable.

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