'93 A/C compressor issue

Jason Puckett dbax_fan at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 24 00:00:15 CDT 2012

So my A/C stopped blowing cold on the freeway yesterday.  When I stopped at the off ramp I saw what looked like smoke coming out under the hood.  I pulled into a parking lot and popped the hood (by then the smoke had stopped).  Nothing looked burned or melted so I assume the 'smoke' was the R134A leaking out.  Had the R134A kit installed a couple of years ago at the local Nissan dealer rather than paying a boatload for R12 refill.  As I drove home I caught the faint sound of metal on metal a few times.  When I turn on the A/C system it doesn't change the sound and I can tell that it's not engaging.
I'm thinking the compressor bearing is gone, clutch too?  Would that have caused it to vent the R134?  Another friend told me to check the expansion valve to see if it was stuck open...?

Now the big question...$250 for a rebuilt compressor, $400+ for a new one or try taking mine apart and fixing it myself?
Are there any brands that are recommended or something to stay away from?

'93 Ruby Pearl SE-R
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