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Sun Mar 18 18:46:01 CDT 2012

Love the recent list activity!

I got a couple answers to my inquiry for a B13.  Ended up buying Aaron Pothero's Red 92 SE-R.  It has some issues that need to be addressed.  Electrical gremlin for starters.  It had a sticking injector which I fixed with parts Aaron provided at my parents this morning.  Runs like a champ now.    The car runs rich as Donald Trump.  The ECU has a JWT tune so I will have to investigate a bit.  My DET back int he day had a JWT tune and was no where near as rich as this.  Maybe it has a camshaft program?  Not sure if it has cams or not.  I am going to drive it for the next few months while I give my RHD red lady a rest and some much needed TLC.  I have daily driven the GTS-T for 3 solid years now and she looks like she needs a sprucing.  Before my son earns the right to drive the SE-R it is going to get a major de-tune.  He hasn't put a scratch on any of the family vehicles nor his 220k mile 1995 Nissan PU (not including failing to check the oil) over the last 2 years.   Regardless the SE-R as it sits is too much car for him, so the go fast parts need to come off.  His Grand Father might be a lucky recipient of some nice Hi-po go fast parts since he also owns a 92 SE-R. :-O

BTW, Aaron is a great guy and gave us a great deal and knows his garage queen went to a good home.

Thanks Aaron!

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