1993 SE-R, for sale

Darren Calbero DarrenC at ampartners.com
Thu Nov 5 14:31:37 CST 2009

I have a nearly stock '91 SE-R in my driveway with some rust, dried
tires, and the car hasn't moved in a few years so the brake rotors are
rusted and who know what else may be an issue.  An Auto-xer wanted to
buy the car from me a few months ago and was willing to pay $1,500 to
$2k for it.  I didn't sell it for personal reasons.  There is value in
the car, just have to find the right buyer if you are willing to wait
and/or advertise.


Wayne wrote:

It sounds like it's in pretty rough shape.  But any thing collectible is
worth exactly what the right collector is willing to pay  ;)  You just
gotta find him.  I'd think if the engine and transaxle are in semi
decent condition you should be able to get at least $500 - $800 for it.
Maybe more.

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