B13 HVAC removal

Grover Pickering groverpickering at gmail.com
Fri Aug 14 17:13:58 CDT 2009

Ok - I'm trying to remove the entire HVAC from the LeMons car.

I've got the blower and a/c evaportator out fro munder the dash.  But, I
cant seem to gegt to all the bolts on the heater core.  I've removed
everything that I can see.

So, I though that I'd be smart and dake the dash cover off.  Two buts on the
bottom and two bolts neat the windshield.  Great!  But, it too seem to be
connected via a zillion magic unseen fasteners.

Any advice before I break out the sawzall.  I did some searching and most
posts don't make it seem like a bug deal.  I assume I've missed something.

BTW - my shop manual is not here - so I'm flying blind a bit.

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