Tips on changing the water pump?

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Tue Apr 21 20:29:47 CDT 2009

Steve Obert wrote:
> Need to change the water pump after 160k miles.  Any tips on how to get to
> it?

Weird.  I've been working the last week on replacing the pump in the 
Wife's Miata for the 2nd time, and re-subscribed to the Miata mailing 
list, which has comprised the majority of my inbox of late.  I really, 
really HATE timing belts and any work that requires getting into coolant.

I've not done an SE-R one myself, but good ol' has these:

Also just finished swapping a fuel gauge sender in Dad's 2006 Frontier. 
  Kinda neat truck:  VQ40DE (4.0L V6) with a 6-speed manual (?!) and 
4WD.  Doesn't seem to have the quality feel of the early/mid 1990s 
Nissans, though.

-Wayne Cox

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