B13 wheels FS; !@#$! wiper motor connector; and...oops, I forgot the third thing

davidpertuz at mindspring.com davidpertuz at mindspring.com
Mon Feb 2 09:52:37 CST 2009

hi y'all.

First of all, I thought I'd ask if anyone had any ninja-like suggestions for removing the plug from the wiper motor. I've had inop wipers for a year or so now (Rain-X works quite well, and I drive very little these days) but, dangit, wipers are nice to have. I need to replace the motor (burnt out contact) but the connector is a bitch to get off. I think I figured out where the tab you have to push is, and in what direction, but the stiff lip of the weather seal give me almost no room to both stick a screwdriver in there to push the tab and grab the plug at the same time. Tricks welcome.

Second, I have a set of stock B13 wheels and tires from the former Garage Queen that I have no use for, and want to get rid of. Anyone know someone who could use a set? They come with a set of Dunlop D60A2s that are worn but fine. Finsish is pretty good, but center caps could use a repaint. They are in storage in Michigan and, but for the wheels & tires, I'll be able to take everything else out of there on my next trip over. I'd rather sell them to someone in MI, or someone who can get them in Detroit, than take them back to Chicago with me, but I will if needed. 


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