4x110 to 4x113 adapters?

davidpertuz at mindspring.com davidpertuz at mindspring.com
Fri Nov 21 15:32:40 CST 2008

I am sort of vaguely aware that there exist such products that let you mount wheels with one bolt spacing on hubs with a different bolt spacing. Winter is coming and I continue to procrastinate on doing the rod bearings, or anything else, on the SE-R (designated winter vehicle), so it looks like when I do drive this winter it will have to be the G20. but my snow tires are for the SE-R. I thought of getting them remounted on the G20 wheels for the winter, but thought of this as a possible alternative. 

In principle I don't like an adapter like this because it is sort of bogus and half-assed. But do they uniformly suck, or can they be done well enough for street driving? IOW, have any of y'all used such things that don't suck?

In other news, found bad fuse in multimeter, replaced, traced current draw in G20 to interior lamp circuit. Success!


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