Starting issues

Darren Calbero DarrenC at
Mon Aug 25 15:57:38 CDT 2008

Well, I had gotten a new/rebuilt starter, new positive and negative
wires, and a new battery.  To avoid Geo's suggestion that it was the
rebuilt starter still giving me issues, I remembered reading on the
SR20forum about the ignition switch and swapped it out with my other '91
SE-R.  10 days later and no hint of problems and instant start-ups.  I
wish it were simply dirty/corroded battery terminals.

Larry wrote:

That was me. I swapped starters, rebuilt one, to no avail. Then
noticed lots of corrosion/crap on the block. Used a wire brush cleaned
it up nice and shiny on both block and starter... fixed it right up.
No more starting issues.

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