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Wayne wc701lists at
Sat Dec 8 12:57:50 CST 2007

JaretR1 at wrote:
> Wow, so it looks like anyone with a 94 SE-R might have something that's 
> relatively rare.   In the main scheme of things, the SE-R B13's werent 
> all that high production anyhow which makes them all rather rare now 
> adays.  Not that it means anything.  It will be cool to have a good 
> looking, mostly all original 91 SE-R though.

Yup.  I gotta get off my ass and fix up my '93;  the poor thing only has 
117K miles, and it's rotting away just sitting.

My favorite is still the 92 however.  The 91 has some first year 
"issues".  The 93 & 94 had the seats and interior I don't like as much, 
but the nicer nose.  I think they did afay with the grey rockers ofter 
92 as well.

> The body shop exceeded my expectations.  They actually painted all the 
> plastic, the mirrors, rear plastic around the taillights, the door 
> handles all black.  Also did the wipers and the guy said they will 

Wait!  Isn't your car white?  Are you going for a whole color change? 
Or having them paint it two-tone like a low-end Sentra?!

The wipers alone can really clean up looks.  On numerous occasions and 
cars, I've pulled them off, sandblasted and shot with semi-gloss black. 
  I think the same company makes them for almost every Asian brand, and 
the finish just doesn't hold up.

> After driving the Z around, I realize what a rattle trap my RSX is.  
> That thing has tons of rattles.  But, I think I will live with it as 
> seeing as I haven't had a drop, an ounce, or a hint of trouble with that 

My RSX rattles like mad too.  The 2006 are supposed to be really bad, 
and are the only year RSX on Consumer Reports "used cars to avoid list". 
  Try pressing down on the dash where it meets the windshield while 
you're moving and see if it stops.


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