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Sat Dec 8 10:14:52 CST 2007

JaretR1 at wrote:
> I just visited my 91 SE-R in the body shop...having it repainted.  So 


> Does anyone have production volume numbers for the SE-R from 91-94, and 
> Sentra in general.  I am curious to know how many of those cars they 

I don't know of any sources, but the numbers I've heard suggest about 
250,000 total B13 Sentras per year, and about 4% or 10,000 of those were 
SE-Rs.  I have no solid sources to back that up, but they sound 
reasonable for a fairly high-volume econo-box, and the portion of SE-Rs 
I've seen over the years.

Interesting -- I just remembered seeing AutoZone's web site list 
production percentages.  When you go through selecting your vehicle, it 
asks year, make then model.  The Sentra then prompts for 1.6 or 2.0L 
engine.  It shows percentages of each powertrain.  I just punched 
through 1991 - 94 and it says:

Year	1.6	2.0
1991	93%	7%
1992	95	5
1993	96	4
1994	99	1

That would match the new-car hype the SE-R had upon arrival, and it 
tapering off as other hot cars were finally introduced as the 90s wore on.

Then there are the completely bastard "Special Edition" 1994 1.6L cars. 
  Apparently during late 1994 production, they decided to clear out the 
factory inventory of B13 parts, and threw all the rules out the window 
as to what parts came on which models.  I've seen Special Ed' XE Sentras 
with SE-R style seats, wings, the GXA tail pipe, SE and GXE wheels, etc.


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