Brake + Battery Light + Voltmeter offer

Steve Obert obert at
Fri Dec 7 13:30:02 CST 2007

A voltmeter is a must as far as I am concerned an ammeter is nice but a pain
to wire in and the voltmeter will show the problems just a clearly.  Shows a
lot of problems before they get too far out of hand.  For instance when the
alternator fails the voltage will be 12v or less. You may only find out
about that when the voltage drops below 10 or 11 volts.

It is my belief that the light from the alternator bulb bleeds over to the
brake indicator.

In the old days ( before fuel injection ) you could drive for quire a while
without a charging system.  Once I drove back from Pennsylvania to
Connecticut without a charging system.   

List special: I have quite a few voltmeters mostly VDO, several different
styles and may not be perfect, you can have one for only $10 shipped. Please
contact me directly.

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