Tire plugging

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Mon Oct 29 15:46:54 CDT 2007

Yeah I plugged one of my winter tires last year, And just pulled it out of storage to put back on the car yesterday. It was a lil low on pressure, but so were the other three..after sitting for 7-8 months it's too be expected. Anyhoo. I've done it on a couple of tires and never had a problem with them leaking or blowing up. Of course I dont drive (my car) like I used either, no Autocross or Dragstrip runs on them. 
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>Geo wrote > I could ask this on several forums, but when it comes to serious > technical questions, I still trust this list over any place else....> > Anybody here ever plug their own tire?> > I've got a screw in a tire and while I could have a shop plug it easily > enough, I imagine it's not that hard to do and I've seen DIY kits at > parts stores. So, I was wondering about this....> > George Roffe
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