Tire plugging

Tim Rogers timrogers at charter.net
Mon Oct 29 15:38:21 CDT 2007

---- Kevin Hart wrote:
> > Yeah, I've done it lots of times with those goo-covered cord plugs.
> > Just get the kit with the rasp and insertion tool.  On really tiny
> > punctures, you may need to enlarge the hole to patch it.  I picked up a
> > little finishing size brad in a tire and had to take a drill to the hole
> > before patching.
> >
> > This supposedly invalidates the tire's speed rating;  but I was doing
> > this on all-season highway kinda tires that were only driven for normal
> > street use.
> >
> >    -Wayne
> Ive used them many times before.  But on like daily driver type of tires.
> On my Azines  I went and got it patched from behind.  On truck tires or like
> my Altima I have and will still use plugs.  They work decently.  If its like
> some performance tire Id probably go get it patched, but on just regular
> tires...plugs are fine
> -Kevin
> East TN Redneck and proud of it

IAWTAP.  The problem, AFAIK, with the plugging technique is that you run the risk of breaking a cord in the tire.
Probably not that big of a deal on a daily driver but on a performance tire that might see high speed, it could be an issue.

-Not a redneck and hasn't been able to use those acronyms in ages...

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