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There is always the roller paint job to hold you over until you save up the money to have a real paint job done. I am currently rollering the hood of my NX right now. I just have to wet sand out the orange peel at this point, but It has been a really good learning experience and the paint came out well enough that I impressed myself. It just takes alot of time. Prep work is the same whether you pay some one to do it or you rock a roller job.

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  Once again, I have come to another crossroads with my beloved 91 SE-R.  Like I mentioned, the next door neighbor decided to test the front end stiffness of his Skyline on the back bumper of my car.  Estimates are in the $700 range to fix it.  Of course if I get it fixed, then I have a shiny new back bumper and the rest of the car still looks like crap (which is the case of my dad's Escort that he already fixed).  15 years of Florida sunshine and all the waxing in the world couldn't save my paint.

  I have an estimate from Maaco to paint the car for $150.  I cant even imagine what they would do for $150 (that was in addition to getting the bumper fixed).  Another body shop gave me an estimate of $1200 to do everything which puts me out of pocket about $500-600.  I am not sure of their work though.  Lastly, a body shop I know does high quality work gave me an estimate of $1650 for everything, which puts me out of pocket $950.

  I have already spent $2k in the last year rebuilding the front end axles, new clutch, hoses etc... I need to shore up the squeaking which I think is the rear calipers being frozen and hopefully not the wheel bearings.  Then there is the headliner, and no AC.  I cant get rid of this car.  It sits on the side of my house under a car cover and I tool around with it on the weekends.  It seems like spending $1650 to paint a car that's barely worth that seems a little ridiculous.  At the same time, how many Classic SE-Rs are there still on the streets that look good and original?  Should I risk this other body shop for $1200?  Or get this car looking the way it was when I bought it new for $1650.  Like I said, it sits under a car cover and I just cant get rid of it.  The interior of the car is also in good shape.  Its more fun to drive than my RSX...and I am just one of those sentimental people who keep everything.  The only problem is the more money I spend on this, the further away I will be from buying a new Corvette (my other dream).

  That's enough rambling....I just need some advice and only the people on this list might possibly be able to understand my dilemna, as mundane as it is.



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