Anyone know G20s?

Jon Pennington cowboydren at
Thu Sep 27 13:13:02 CDT 2007

'99 has a lowport engine with the RS5F32A/V transmission (like all
other SE-Rs and G20s) and a hydraulic clutch.  '00-02 has the roller
motor (which uses a lowport-style intake manifold but is mechanically
restricted to 7000 RPM) and the RS5F70A/V transmission (new design,
much better torque capacity) and a hydraulic clutch.  I believe that
the '00 also uses a different slushbox from previous SR20 cars, but
don't quote me.  Turbocharging a '99 is orders of magnitude easier
than a '00+ because of the TOTALLY different ECU and wiring harness,
though they have the same Achilles as other SE-Rs (transmission).
Just something to consider.

If you're okay with beam axles, the P11 is the best to have.  P11 and
P10 front suspensions are nearly identical.  P11s have excellent
brakes, but are heavy, and topheavy at that.  They also skimp on the
cupholders, but P10s don't have any at all, so take that FWIW.
Honestly, I'd just as soon have a '00-01 B15 Sentra SE, most of which
are "Performance Package" cars with 16" wheels, "Titanium" gauges, and
a VLSD.  Go-fast parts are cheaper and easier to come by for the B15.

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