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Tue Jan 30 19:55:42 CST 2007

Hello all....
First off, I wholeheartedly admit I am sending this Email rather than  taking 
the time to try and find the answers to these questions myself.
My 91 SE-R has been rather ignored over the past years so I am definitely  
out of the loop.
My buddy who is an ASE mechanic and I who is not a mechanic at all are  going 
to attempt to replace the clutch, CV boots, struts, and whatever else we  can 
get to or looks like we can replace while the car is on jack stands.  I  want 
to get the car in reliable running condition so I can enjoy it on the  
weekends and occasionally drive it to work.  It still runs fine, but the  original 
clutch is on its last leg and I have a cracked CV boot so that needs to  be 
First off, is there any tips, advice, pointers, lessons learned anyone can  
share that has attempted these jobs?
Second, I got a DVD of a service manual for a 94, but mine is a 91.  I  am 
sure the changes were minor, I dont think that should be a problem?
Thirdly, what is a good source for parts. Such as a good Nissan dealer to  
get OEM parts that are important.
Lastly, the car has 120K miles...and will only be used sparingly...does  
anyone recommend replaceing anything specific while we go over the car?
Lastly lastly, has anyone had any experience with trying to exchange Tokico  
Thanks ahead of time,
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