squeal - front wheels

Frank Ewald frank_ewald at sympatico.ca
Fri Jun 9 19:03:24 CDT 2006

Good idea, Chris. I have to take the calipers off again this weekend.
A bleeder screw in the rebuilt caliper was obviously stripped before
I got it from the shop, so off they come again. thus I haven't had
time to try the WD 40 trick Ben suggested. but I will be able to
check and see if any of what's left of the dust cover is touching
somewhere. They had to come off - because of rust and the upgrade to
WD 40.
So I don't think you'll qualify for the wiper motor - but I can give
you a great deal on it ;-)

Thanks for the ideas guys. It's helping. Sorry that I'm on the digest
thus don't see the emails as they come in. I'll have to try to switch
back to individual messages so I'm more in tune.

	Make sure the flimsy back dust/water deflector shields aren't
rubbing the rotors.  I had this problem after I paid somebody to replace
the axles.  The mechanic had bent the shields and didn't straighten them
back out.  I had to bend them several times until I got them right.  I
would start off with no squeal and , then, when the brakes heated up,
the things started to squeal again.  I guess the heat would cause the
thin metal to warp and touch the rotors.  Don't remove the shields,
though, if you drive in the rain.  They do provide a service!  If I
recall correctly, I finally got it right when I bent them right after I
heated the brakes up.  I pulled in the garage, jacked the car up, pulled
the wheels, and bent them using a screwdriver while everything was hot.
Make sure you protect your hands and fingers from the heat...it can get
really hot in that area!

P.S.  I don't have a rear wiper on my NX...YET ;)

Chris Hoover
92 NX2000
92 SE-R (needs motor rebuild)

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