Oil pressure and engine temps

wmc2004aug at bellsouth.net wmc2004aug at bellsouth.net
Sun Jan 8 22:16:18 CST 2006

At 09:06 PM 1/8/2006, you wrote:
>Is it normal for oil pressure to read low when the engine oil is
>warmed up? My Autometer electric gauge reads about 0 pressure at
>idle even with 10W40 oil when the car is warmed up. It barely goes
>past 25psi at 6-7Krpms.

It shouldn't change all that much.  That sounds *really* low,
though.  I'd guess if it was actually that low, the engine would be
damaged by now.  A bad gauge, sending unit, or wiring would be my guess.

The only car we have with something resembling a "real" gauge is
Lisa's Miata.  Its factory gauge goes up to 90 psi, and seems to be
fairly accurate and linear.  It usually runs around 60 - 70 psi, but
with recent cold temps it sometimes hits 90 when the engine is cold.

    -Wayne    '93 SE-R / '93 NK2k / '90 Miata

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