Oil pressure and engine temps

Ian Lyn ianshannon97 at msn.com
Sun Jan 8 20:06:24 CST 2006

Is it normal for oil pressure to read low when the engine oil is warmed up? My
Autometer electric gauge reads about 0 pressure at idle even with 10W40 oil
when the car is warmed up. It barely goes past 25psi at 6-7Krpms.

I had a situation a few years back where I got a dry start after parking the
car only about 20 minutes. The car felt and started up like it had no oil. The
oil light came on. I got upset and revved out the motor to purposely blow it
and within seconds, the light went out and it smoothened out.
FF to Summer of 2005, I get this same dry start, lots of clanging, so I did
the same thing, rev it out a bit and oil light goes out and smoothens out.
Both times there was a engine full of oil. So last month, I take the oil pans
off and look at the pickup and see it is not blocked but clean it out anyway.
Does this sound like an oilpump issue? And will a new DE (I have UR pullies)
pump raise my oil pressure again? I want a VE pump, but $350 is kind of steep
for a motor that is not built. And I cannot use my UR crank pulley with it.

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