2005 Convention head wrangler's report

George Roffe geo3 at earthlink.net
Thu Apr 14 21:59:10 CDT 2005

Bruce Hearn wrote:

>The Matt Kempe Spirit award went to Matt Hunt.
>[Convention planning tip #8 -- it should be "The Matt Kempe Award for
>Spirit and Enthusiasm".  My apologies to the family]


It's the Matt Kempe *Memorial* Award for Spirit and Enthusiasm.

This award is very dear to my heart for a number of reasons, not the least
of which I had the honor of handing out the inaugural award to none other
than Grover Pickering.

Does anyone know if Matt's family is still administering the memorial
fund?  If so, we should take a collection next year to donate to the fund.

George Roffe
Houston, TX  USA

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