new muffler setup

EEYORE5182 at EEYORE5182 at
Sat Aug 7 20:33:31 CDT 2004

Im going upgrade the  exhaust on my P10, which as far as I know, has been on
there for 12 years.   Im not going to go with mandrel bends or anything
majorly fancy, but I am going  to go and just have a shop I know bend some 2.25 pipe
and hang a muffler for  me.  Id like to have a pretty quiet setup though (im
not going to have a  flashy tip or anything either).  What is everyone using
now?  I  remember the talk about glasspacks for the resonator, and the longer
the glass  pack the less noise, but what about mufflers?  Summit racing has
some of  their own twin tube mufflers for sale that are pretty cheap, but I dont
know  about sound.  Any options? New ideas?

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