ARP rod bolts- Need to resize rods?

Michael Jez 93SER at
Wed Aug 4 15:01:06 CDT 2004

I just used ARP bolts on a KA26DE-T I build, and there is no such thing as
boring out and re-tapping the rods for larger ARP bolts. This makes the big
end of the rod alot weaker and can cause the rod caps to crack. I seen
someone try to do this on a B20 Honda bottom end, the engine spit out a rod
in a week. I have had my rods polished and used Clevite rod and main
bearings on the KA26DE-T I build. this is
my site with pictures of the engine build up.
Mike Jez
01 Maxima 5spd- turbocharging in process
93 G20 Turbocharged.

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