ARP rod bolts- Need to resize rods?

mike kojima choaderboy2 at
Wed Aug 4 14:58:38 CDT 2004

The rods should at least be measured afterwards to see
if they need to be resized.  American cars have the
rods distort when they are removed and replaced, SR
rods are much stronger.  They probably will not need
to be resized but should be checked. Depending on how
tight the interferance fit is, there is a slight
posiblitly that the big end could distort.

SR rods and bolts are pretty strong and changing the
bolts is proably a waste of money. If you are worried
about the rods, then just get stronger aftermarket

Eagle rods are inexpensive and very strong.  Eagle has
off the shelf SR applications.


--- Jeff Daley <bigjeff81 at> wrote:

> I am currently rebuilding an SR20, and have decided
> to upgrade the rod
> bolts to ARP hardware.  I was talking to the local
> engine builder and he
> said it is very important to have the rods resized
> whenever you change
> the rod bolts.  I have never heard of this, but for
> you who have used ARP
> rod bolts, did you have your rods resized?

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