GC install

mike kojima choaderboy2@yahoo.com
Thu, 2 Jan 2003 12:26:06 -0600

It should be something like 1 degree negative being
the most positive you can get.

You should be able to get about 3-3.5 degrees psotive
caster.  To get more than 2 degrees negative at this
point will require some grinding of the shock towers.

The hardline is for your power steering high pressure
line.  I usualy bend the bracket and notch it for
clearance to the camber plate using only one of the
hold down bolts to allow it to swing out of the way.
I clamp the hose in a slightly different place as
well.  It seems like you already have the same idea
that I have on this!

I think from the adjustments that you are able to get,
you may have the camber plates in backwards.  I have
done that mistake before! The lack of avalible positve
caster gives it away.


--- Peter Serwe <peter@easytree.net> wrote:
> At max positive camber setting, it seemed like the
> farthest I could get was around 1.6-2 degrees
> negative.

> Caster, it seemed I could only to about +1 degree,
> at best.

> There's a bracket that holds a hardline and some
> tubing
> on the passenger side of my classic.  I had to take
> it
> off the rear of the strut tower to put the
> camber/caster plate on.

> Is there a way for my to remount this?