Front cover removal with motor in the car.

George Roffe
Mon, 30 Dec 2002 14:28:09 -0600

Luis Molina wrote:

>Due to a bad cam install.. I am required to remove the front cover to
>reset cam timing.  Has anyone removed the front cover with the motor in
>the car? What did it entail?  I have and FSM but the motor has to be on an
>engine stand to do what it says :) I need some real world experience.

I know someone has done it and posted about it Luis.  You might check the
archives.  I'd tell you more if I knew more.

My recollection is that you must of course remove both oil pans, but that
it was not as large a job as it looks at first blush.  You don't have to
worry about the head gasket as much in that portion of the block since it's
not under intense pressure.  I'm glad I haven't had to do this yet, but I
don't think it would be as bad as I once feared and I think someone of your
experience won't have a lot of trouble.  Famous last words, I know.  Good
luck.  Wish I could tell you more.

George Roffe
Houston, TX