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>GL-4 is the stuff to use.  NAPA sells a brand, but I don't remember the
>name.  At least they did a few years ago when I needed a quart in a

>Jerry Kloth

The brand that NAPA carries in GL-4 is Sta-Lube, but it was almost as
expensive as Royal Purple synthetic Gear oil (GL-5 only) so I bought RP
instead.  I've been using RP in my NX2K, Turbo B13, and P11 for the last
10 years without any problems.  The NX has over 100K miles using RP, B13
has 87K miles, and P11 has 20K miles.  I'm using RP Max Gear 75W-140 on
the NX and B13, and 75W-90 in the P11.

BTW - I read somewhere that RP Max Gear is rated for both GL-4/5, but I
can't find the link for it.

Sonny Do

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