Rod bearing inspection/verification

Ben Baird ben at
Tue Mar 17 13:15:54 CDT 2009

Yeah I have both pans and both oil baffles already removed.  I went ahead and put in the ES motor mounts I had been putting off once I could not find any visible confirmation of bearing failure and called it a day.  I am leaning towards replacing the bearings and putting it back together, but was wondering if I pull the bearing and it's ok is it safe/smart to put it back in or once it's out it needs to be replaced anyway.  Any opinions on the Cleavite 77 trimetal bearings vs OEM Nissan ones?

On a related not has anyone had luck repairing the crack in the primary joints on a HS header?  Is it just a matter of time till it cracks again?  Does Greg V still deal in OEM Nisan parts with his new business, I don't think he's on this list anymore.

Ben '92 SE-R

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  From: Tim Rogers 
  I assume that you have taken off the upper oil pan.
  If you have already gotten to this point, I would go ahead and plastigauge the bearings to see if one was out of spec.  Then if the crank still looks good, I'd replace all of the bearings regardless of the results of the plastigauge results as preventative maintenance.

  Tim Rogers
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