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Thu Oct 23 13:36:35 CDT 2008

Wayne Cox <wc701lists at> wrote:

>The rack is a real bitch to work on while the engine is in the car

It's sort of like solving a "Chinese Puzzle." I've done racks twice with the engine in the car. Once was Grover's race car and we had precious little time to get it done. Frustrating and I'd already done it once before. You have to twist and turn everything *just right* to get it out and in. You can be off about 3mm and it's a no-go, but get it right and it goes right out and in. After a lot of tries and a lot of cussing. ;-)

>I think of Cardone as pretty low-grade

Having previously worked in the aftermarket replacement parts business (and dealt with Cardone a lot), I think they are solid mid-level. Many of their remanufactured parts are the same as Wagner (there is some relationship there, but I can't remember exactly what it is). I don't think I'd have a problem with putting in a Cardone reman rack. I certainly wouldn't pay for a high end reman.

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